Rachel Qualls:

Welcome everyone to Venture 360’s podcasts, About All Things Venture Capital. My name is Rachel Qualls. I’m Venture 360’s co-founder, CEO and your host. Today, Evan Walden from Getro is joining us. Hi Evan.

Evan Walden:

Hey Rachel.

Rachel Qualls:

So as a former VC, there is a mantra I had for years, which is that we are betting on the jockey, but we buy the horse. And what that really means is that we’re buying stock of a company, but really the performance of that company is completely dependent on the people running it. People are so…

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Cocoon Capital and the venture ecosystem in Singapore

Rachael Qualls: So welcome everyone to Venture360’s podcast, All Things Venture Capital. My name is Rachael Qualls. I’m Venture360’s co-founder and CEO and your host. Today, Will Klippgen from Cocoon is joining us to talk about venture capital from one of the hottest markets on the planet, which is Singapore. So, welcome Will. So first let’s start off by learning all about you. How did you get into venture capital?

Will Klippgen: Yeah, I guess that was kind of accidental. I was working in the U.S. actually before the dot com crash in the kind of happy…

GM Ventures and the corporate strategy of venture investing.

General Motors is one of the largest companies in the world, and over 10 years ago they created a venture arm to find and fund innovation to enhance their strategic vision.

We discuss this vision with Kai Daniels, and autonomous vehicles, of course.

Rachael Qualls: Welcome back everyone to Venture360’s podcast about all things venture capital. My name is Rachael Qualls. I’m Venture360’s co-founder and CEO and your host. I’m really excited to introduce our next guest today because she comes from the corporate venture world. In fact, she manages a fund for one of the largest companies in the…

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How personal biases lead to bad investments.

We make every day decisions with personal biases — whether we realize it or not. But when you’re a venture capitalist, a bad decision is very, very costly.

So, let’s talk about stacking the deck in our favor by removing our personal biases — shall we?

Brad Zapp with Connetic Ventures breaks down how relying on data, not personal bias, optimizes investments and returns.

Hello, Quant Funds.

Rachael Qualls: Welcome everyone to Venture360’s podcast about all things venture capital. My name is Rachael Qualls. I’m Venture360’s co-founder and CEO, and your host. I’m really…

At Venture360, we are powering the industry from Application to Exit, and that is a very big deal. Here’s why.

We understand making a decision to incorporate a new software system into a business process is a complex and serious one. No one wants to adopt a platform only to realize it doesn’t really do everything you need. Then you have to move to another system, or worse, have to manage multiple systems at one time.

At Venture360, we never set out to just solve a piece of the puzzle. We want to be the only solution our clients will…

“We LOVE managing all of the SPVs/Funding Entities we set-up!” — said no one ever

Structuring individual investors into a funding entity to make an investment has some fantastic benefits for everyone involved in the transaction. For example, since entities commonly act as one owner and vote, SPVs simplify the cap table for future rounds and streamline company decision making processes.

However, managing these entities over time presents a number of challenges.

So, we at Venture360 have taken a very complex part of investing and made it very simple.

Here’s how…

Meet Bob.

Businesses are run by the numbers. Being able to quickly access and understand those numbers is the key to making informed decisions.

Because Venture360 clients already enjoy the ease of using our platform to manage their funding process from application to exit, they are now just a few clicks away from running a wide range of analytics on their funds, investors and portfolio companies.

Enjoy, math nerds, you are our people.


You can run analytics faster than you can blink:

Create charts for anything you want:

Angels and VCs aren’t the only way to raise capital these days.

In fact, smart companies are exploring ways to engage potential investors who best understand their market and product — THEIR CUSTOMERS!

And you don’t need some online platform charging 5% + of the money YOU raised to make it happen.


​Venture360’s private capital raising platform empowers entrepreneurs with today’s most progressive fund raising techniques.

We know a great way to market to potential investors is through your main website, so we designed a way to simply place a link on your website where potential investors…

Opportunities for co-investment are on the rise as limited partners (LP’s) are increasingly drawn to firms that provide direct access to deals for co-investment. These firms are reaping the benefits through additional revenue from sidecar management fees. Since there are benefits on both sides, this type of investment structure is seeing quite the uptick lately.

A sidecar is a co-investment opportunity that is made by an LP alongside a venture fund’s investment. This investment is typically organized and managed by the fund manager. All legal, accounting and due diligence are also performed by the sponsoring fund. …

Building Liquidity the Right Way

Our team set out to make buying and selling private company stock easy. We make buying easy through our investment management software products at Venture360, and we make selling easy through our newest products here at LIQUIFI.

LIQUIFI is different in that we power custom markets created by the issuers themselves with built-in tools to help them comply with secondary trading regulations. We can’t “make” someone compliant, but we can help with technology to navigate the regulations.

We’ve seen a lot of hype these days about creating liquidity by tokenizing securities. The only thing that creates liquidity for an asset…


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